January 16, 2013: Beautiful

My wife has lost all the hair on her head. The operations have left several large scars on her body. She is very, very thin. Not in the coveted “super-model” way.

Yet with everything that this disease and its treatments have thrown at her, I think she is the most beautiful being on the face of the Earth.

There is nothing that could ever compare to her smile. I look at her and despite what’s going on, she can make me feel better with that smile.

Her eyes have a glow behind them full of kindness. Her smile can light up a room and make the coldest, darkest day of winter seem like a warm, sunny day at the beach.

When I first moved to Neve Daniel, I used to boast that I had the best view in the world. My bedroom window faces out on the rolling hills of Judea. On a clear day, you could see all the way from Tel Aviv to Ashkelon. Every now and then, you could make out ships on the Mediterranean.

But then an apartment building was put up across the street, and I lost the view.

But that’s o.k.

Because I still wake up to the most beautiful view in the world.

And I don’t even need to look outside.

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