Crossing the Yarden

I never expected my wife to die.

Of course, when I was much younger, I never expected to move to Israel, become involved with endurance sports, and have four (six?) children. But when does life give us what we expect?

I moved to Israel with my wife Stella and our four children. My first job was writing a column in a local newspaper about life in Israel through the eyes of a new immigrant. The newspaper eventually went belly up but I decided to save my work by putting it online. If you click on Israel, you can read my take on how crazy life can be when you wake up in a foreign land and wonder what the F you just did.

My wife Stella was my world. We met at Colgate when we were both 18 years young. We married six years after we met. Twenty-eight years after we met, she passed from this world. We had a tough journey and my funny little blog about life in Israel became a chronical of our fight. The blog spread around the world as so many people started following and pulling, praying, and hoping for her. Alas, when she had fought to her last breath, she accepted her fate and left the world a little bit darker. You can read a story of a wonderful person waking up one day to cancer and how she and her family tried to cope in Stella’s story.

My whole life I have enjoyed music. But “Enjoy” does not capture what certain songs can do for me. These are special songs that bring out my emotions, especially anger, fear, loneliness, and perhaps joy sometimes. Most of the time we try and run away from the first three. But I need my music to keep me in touch with who I am.