November 24, 2011: God is Listening

Five months ago Stella and I sat in the Oncology Department of Shaari Tzedek and were told that she had no chance. We were told that Stella had stomach cancer that had progressed too far to be operable. The cancer had spread outside her stomach and could not be cured.

We were told that Stella needed immediate chemotherapy. The chemo would make her terribly sick, and the best we could hope for was that it could slow the spread of the disease.

We have lived with an impending nightmare since that moment.

We just came back from a meeting at the hospital.

In the next few weeks, Stella will have an operation.

If successful, she will be cured.

She will be cured.

She will be cured.


I know and want everyone to understand, that it is major surgery and that there are a lot of risks. First will have to do an exploratory examination. They may find problems not revealed by the latest scans and have to stop.

But they may not. If everything looks good, they will continue the operation.

And then….

She will be cured.

She will be cured.

She will be cured.


What happened in the last five months to reverse the diagnosis?

I think the answer is pretty clear.

If you are reading this, I think you must be one of the thousands of people around the world who have been praying for Tzuriya Kochevet Bat Sarah. Or maybe you are one of the people who sponsored my bike ride and gave to charity in Stella’s name. Or maybe you are one of the kind souls who have kept our spirits up with e-mails, comments, visits, and chicken soup.

Whatever you have done, you have helped save Stella’s life.

Thank you.

Now I know we are not quite ready to put on the party hats because it is still too early to do that. There is still more chemo and an operation and a hospital stay and a recovery. We should not get ahead of ourselves because the coast is not clear.

But you know what?

Hell, I’m putting on my party hat now.

And if you think I talk loudly, my heart is screaming out loud right now.

And most importantly.

Thank You G-d.

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