October 31, 2011: Like This

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If you were to tell me six month ago, that my wife would have cancer, that it would not be curable, and that she would need nasty chemo treatments every three weeks, I would be miserable. But you know, everything is relative.

Tonight we celebrated that very news.

Let me explain.

The reason for my post a few weeks ago asking people to not ask too many questions was that we were seriously concerned that the results of the scan were not going to be good. In fact, statistically, the best that the scan should have showed was that the rate of growth of the cancer had slowed. Not really the best news you can hear.

So last night, we went to bed both dreading today. We would have the results of the scan plus a full day of chemo. Not exactly a “Yom Kef” if you know what I mean. When we entered the hospital, I felt we were waiting for the jury to pass a verdict, a verdict that was not going to be very nice.

So let me tell you what happened and why we are so happy. Please just keep in mind what I wrote in the beginning of this post. We have won a major battle, but the war goes on.

When the Doctor saw me this morning, he came out of the office with both thumbs up. He told me that the scan results were “excellent.” Later, he showed us before and after pictures of Stella’s stomach. The image from a few months ago looked like Stella had swallowed a python. Basically, there was more tumor than stomach.

Today, the scan showed that the python had been replaced by a worm. In the words of the Oncologist, the difference was “dramatic” and that the cancer was “melting away.” When we asked if he had any expectations that the scan would be so good, he said he didn’t expect it at all, but he “dreamt” it. Stella is responding to the chemo in an amazing fashion that does not go along with the nasty statistics.

(Short break for a virtual high-five.)

So where does that leave us?

Well, it leaves us with a continued schedule of chemotherapy every three weeks. It leaves Stella feeling sick for about half the time. It leaves me with constant worry and I doubt I will get much more sleep. It leaves us with the knowledge that there is still something in Stella’s stomach that should not be there.

But it also leaves us with a big, shining pile of hope. We firmly believe that anything is possible. If Stella can surprise the Oncologist by shrinking a tumor, than why not prove him wrong all together and find a way to get rid of this thing once and for all?

I still remember when I was in seventh grade watching the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team beat the Soviet Union. As time ran out, the sportscaster yelled “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES???.”

Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES!!!

So if you have been praying for Stella — as we know so many people are — the prayers are working. Please keep it up.

And even though we may still be in a serious situation, we are whooping it up tonight.

And now, I think I will go out for a training ride with a great big, goofy smile on my face.

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Fight Like Hell and Ride Like the Wind.

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