July 8, 2011: Diagnosis

To all of our friends, in America, Israel, and all over the world,

We have been overwhelmed by the love that we have felt from all over. The davening (praying), people making meals, and everyone asking what they can do to help. Words cannot express our gratitude for the support that we have received. We are sorry that we have kept everyone in the dark for a few days. We were hoping that the final diagnosis would be different than it is.

We are going to need your continued support.

Because the news is difficult.

Stella’s cancer is not operable.

We will start chemotherapy in the next few days which hopefully can slow down and stop this detestable disease. At this point, there is no limit to the chemotherapy.

I am sorry that I have no more words right now. I am completely drained.

Until two weeks ago, we were living the dream of American Jews living in Israel. We love Neve Daniel. We love the people here, the views, the very air we breathe each day. And maybe we took for granted how special our lives have been here sometimes.

Not anymore.

Life can be completely turned on its head at any time.

Think about that every time you go for a walk or a bike ride or whatever.

What can you do for us?

You can value every second of your lives, that’s what you can do.

Please be sensitive to our dear, sweet children with this news. Our love for them knows no bounds. Telling them was as painful as hearing the news itself.

Our goal is to attempt to live life as normally as possible. So while we really appreciate and NEED everyone’s support, sometimes I need to just go pick up milk at the makolet without a discussion about cancer.

I hope that our pleas to Hashem, (the Jewish way to refer to G-d) will be heard and that he will reverse our path.

You all may think you know Stella and how wonderful she is.

But I tell you, you don’t know the half of this beautiful angel I am married to.

No matter what the doctors say, we will fight this thing with every ounce of strength that we possess. We will leave no stone unturned and no tefilla (prayer) left unsaid.

Thank you all.

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