Category: Running/Cycling

  • August 3, 2012: Night Run

    Starting last night around midnight, a group of us ran from Bet Shemesh to the Kotel, a total of almost 39 kilometers. We got there just as dawn was breaking and were able to daven (pray) as the sun came up. A night run is a completely different experience than running during the day. Often, […]

  • July 12, 2012: Cool Down

    After a particularly tough run or ride, it is highly recommended that you do what is called a “cool-down.” It means you jog around for about 10 minutes and try to let your body get over the torture you have just put it through. I hate cool-downs. When I run, I like to hit the […]

  • April 27, 2012: Trying to Understand Suffering

    I always try and wake up an hour before I have to leave for a race. Sometimes that means waking by 4:00 AM, but I need to do so because I am always nauseous the morning of an event in which I know I will be suffering. It’s weird. It’s like my body is trying […]

  • March 19, 2012: Jerusalem Marathon: A Beautiful Day in the Pouring Rain

    Of my six marathons, this year’s Jerusalem run was by far my favorite. It was the coldest. It was the wettest. None of the others had gale force winds and, yes, several hail showers. Yet despite the extreme weather, I can honestly say that I had a blast. We left Neve Daniel at 5:00 AM […]

  • January 9, 2009: Running and Dreaming

    Originally, I was not going to write about the Tiveria Marathon. With soldiers in harm’s way, it seemed to be a bit inappropriate. Yet it was the proud father of one of our Golani heroes who made me promise that I would write about the race. He told me that the reason his son is […]

  • November 8, 2007: It’s Really Hot

    I’m riding my bike and am only halfway up a seven and a half kilometer climb from the Kineret. My lungs are burning. I can feel my heart thumping and my legs are on fire. The sun is scorching my skin as I make my way up this beast of a hill. It’s only the […]