February 28, 2017: Happy Birthday Mom

Today we celebrate life.

Today marks the day an amazing person joined our world. 50 years ago today, my mother was born. On this day my mother began her journey. This day, is when it all started.

My mother’s life was filled with ups and downs like all of ours, so what made her so special? Maybe it was the way she always put others needs before hers. Maybe it was her kind and genuine heart that touched everyone she met. Or maybe some people are just born special. Either way, her life was an incredible journey and that’s what I want to focus on today. Her LIFE.

Throughout her life, my mother was able to touch so many people and spread joy and love to everyone she met. She helped and comforted those who needed. She laughed and cried with people she loved. She took risks, and made sacrifices. She made the most out of her life even if it was a short one. She made the best of the what seemed like the worst. She never complained. She followed her heart and what she believed in. As her daughter, I am forever grateful for the sacrifices she and my father had to make in order to raise us in Israel. She was an amazing mother.

She smiled with that incredible smile of hers.

I miss that smile.

Today I want to celebrate her life. I want to remember her for the way she lived. We can learn so much from her life if we just focus on the good things she left behind instead of the fact that she’s not here. Her life was a journey filled with adventures and excitement. She lived with an optimistic attitude towards life and a positive outlook. She wasn’t afraid to take risks or make sacrifices in order to reach her goals. In her short 46 years of life she managed to leave a mark on the people she touched, and by doing that leaving her mark on the world.

Today, and everyday, I’m going to focus on the lessons she taught me and hopefully learn something from her life. As a birthday present and to honor her I am going to do some good today. You’re welcome to join.

Let’s spread some Stella magic today, shall we?

Today we celebrate.

Today is about life.

Happy birthday mom.

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