May 28, 2015: Mother’s Day

This is not a post about Stella.

This is not a post about me.

It is not about running, or biking, or even all-night hikes.

It’s about my daughter Rivka and my wife Gilly.

Since I have not blogged in awhile. Rivka has done extremely well and is about to complete her first year of school on the Golan. She has continued dancing, prancing, and everything else that makes her Rivka.

But sometimes she even surprises me.

A few weeks ago, Gilly called me while I was driving to work. She read a Facebook Post that Rivka wrote on Mother’s Day. I literally had to pull over when I heard it. Here (with her permission) is what she wrote:

Don’t feel bad for me on mothers day. Be jealous. I had the most incredible mom in the world, I have numerous mothers that help take care of me and raise me, AND now I have the greatest stepmother you could ever ask for. So its safe to say that I’m very much blessed in the mother department. Happy Mothers day to ALL my mothers ♥♥ I love you all ♥

— feeling blessed.

I’ll pause and let you collect yourself.

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