January 29, 2015: Look at the Blue!

The sky is very blue today.

Sure it’s not such a rare event. Many times it’s just there and you walk around under it without even noticing. But sometimes it’s just amazing.

There are many amazing things all around us. Things that make us smile and laugh and cry and raise our arms in the air like a triumphant runner crossing the finish line. There are movies and videos that make us laugh out loud and beautiful songs that we can’t help but listen to over and over and over.

But you know something?

The satisfaction we get from experiencing these things is not complete unless we can grab someone we love and say “Look at that!!!”

Have you ever seen a spectacular sunset by yourself? It’s just not the same.

After 22 years of marriage, I believe that while it is important to share responsibilities and tasks and worries and resources, the most important thing to be able to share in a marriage is amazement.

I love many things about Gilly. But at the top is that we both are always eager to share so much that is wonderful. Yeah, sometimes you have to call your spouse and ask about errands or dinner or who will pick up the car at the garage.

But what it’s really all about is sometimes just looking up and making a call to say “Hey, look up! Look at the Blue!!!”

In just a few hours, Gilly and I will be married. When we first used to talk, we spoke about how utterly horrible and unfair and cruel life could be. Being able to share that somehow made things a little better.

But now we speak about how beautiful and uplifting and amazing life can also be. And I can’t wait.

Go ahead. Right now, look up. Look at that amazing sky and think about all the wonderful things that will be happening under it.

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