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March 8, 2013: Recovery Week

The week after a marathon is one of my favorites. You still feel the pride of running the big race, of getting through all the hard parts in one piece, and now you can relax. I do a few runs and bike rides just to loosen up and help heal any damage that occurred during the marathon.

I always feel I have a bit of a bounce in my step during recovery week.

Stella’s current chemo treatment is based on a three week cycle. She gets chemo on the first and second Monday. These two weeks she feels miserable. BUT — On the third Monday, she gets to skip. That third week is her recovery week. It’s amazing the difference being off the chemo makes.

You and I generally expect that we will feel well. Sure, we can all get colds or the flu, or maybe even Strep throat or something more exotic. BUT, we certainly don’t expect to be sick for two-thirds of the time.

Think about the last time you had a really bad case of the flu. How long did it last? Two days?
Maybe three? Maybe a week? And then you were fine for the next few months.

But for how much of the time that we are not sick do we really value feeling well?

The other day, Stella said how wonderful it felt not to feel sick. Between the nauseousness and the fatigue, the two weeks of chemo could bring anyone down. But during her recovery week, Stella bounces back. Even a visit to the ER at the end of chemo week #2 did not stop her from feeling great 48 hours later.

Within two days of coming home from the ER, Stella was inviting Shabbat guests and starting to cook. One of my girls said at breakfast, “What’s with Mom. She made us like four dinners last night!”

Stella loves to cook and hates when she is to weak to do so.

And then there’s the French Toast.

Mounds of French Toast.

Mountains of French Toast.

I know Stella is feeling better when I come downstairs and she is French-Toastifying a loaf of sliced bread. Whether anyone can eat all that French Toast makes no difference. She likes to make it the same way I like to ride a bike. Without stopping.

Next week Stella begins another round of chemo. I will train for and run the Tel Aviv Marathon. We will have our hands full.

But for now, we’re going to enjoy the “time off.”

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