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November 15, 2012: Why Do You Need to Do Such a Crazy Stunt?

And so my friends, it all comes down to this…..

Well, not exactly. The truth of the matter is that we have already succeeded beyond the average person’s wildest dreams. (I have some really wild dreams. There is nothing I would say is beyond my wildest dreams.) Between sponsorship of the ride and Stella’s Army bracelet sales, we have raised 160,000 shekels. That means that we will be able to transform the chemo room at Shaare Zedek into a more comforting place of healing. Paint, lighting, curtains…. there are so many things we can do to make chemo treatments go a little gentler on all the patients. That was our top goal and we achieved it. Thanks to all the soldiers in Stella’s Army.

We have also been able to completely shift the focus off of Stella being sick. People no longer stop us in the street with worried faces inquiring about the latest treatments. They now ask about the ride and proudly show off their bracelets. My son Max is making the rounds to all the schools explaining to hundreds about what we are doing and why. He is excited to be helping out in such a major way.

A friend recently told me that she wished people would just give to charity without me having to do these crazy stunts. And I could say that I wish G-d would just cure Stella without having to pray so hard. But we pray because we believe it WILL make a difference the same way I want to do this ride because I believe it will also have an impact.

But what am I saying, the ride has already had an impact before the first spin of the wheels. It has given all of us something wild, crazy, and positive to look forward to. From the three shul bike ride in Potomac to the teenagers in Neve Daniel selling the bracelets, I can see how this ride is bringing so many people together — in reflection of love for Stella. And believe me, although she is not comfortable with all the attention, she feels the love and that gives her more strength in her battle.

And just a my plan is to ride up into the warm sun of Jerusalem after riding through a long, dark night, our plan is to battle this cancer until we too can bask in the glow of a complete recovery.

So if we have not mentioned it before, let me say to all my readers, all the soldiers of Stella’s Army, everyone who has said a prayer, made a contribution, or worn a wrist band — words cannot express our gratitude. It is your love that enables Stella to fight this thing every day and me to even think about doing this crazy ride.

We know you’ve got our back.

And of course, if you would like to join us at the Almog gas station at 9:00 AM for Shacharait or in Neve Daniel (by the Mazkirut) at (hopefully) 1:00 P.M., you are welcome to.

Like to say more, but I need to go to the Golan now.

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